Water Quality

Filters, UV, pumps, monitoring, treatment and testing

From the early days of commercial aquaculture,across the UK and Norway, Sterner has become one of the world’s leading suppliers and installers of specialist water treatment equipment for that industry. This specialist knowledge is easily translated into other sectors and over the past ten years our products and services have been used in numerous industries and sectors.
Our philosophy is the same no matter the product or application; we provide the best solution we can for the problem presented, and we stand by our work. Our existing customers know that when they purchase from Sterner they also buy our commitment to their product.  This strength comes in part from having exceptional relationships with the manufacturers we represent. We know our customers rely on our quality, which puts the onus on us to ensure that we in turn have quality product to offer. Consequently we are agents for equipment which is industry leading, innovative, trusted and proved. Our engineers are trained by our partners in their factories, our sales team are accompanied by our partners to visit customers, and our design team is fully supported by each and every manufacturer within our portfolio. These close links ensure that your purchase is not only backed by our commitment, but also by the manufacturer.
A typical Sterner sale involves the customer identifying a need at an early stage and then we work closely with them to bring the best combination of equipment together to provide a solution which works for the process, for the customer and for the users. Our skills in automation, monitoring and control add a further dimension to each product by reducing the amount of interaction required by the users and enabling them to focus on their primary functions.